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Attendee Testimonials

“The Crittenden Medical Insurance Conference is becoming THE medical conference for the total view of what’s happening in the industry.”
    - Fran O’Connell, Managing Director – Markel

“The Crittenden Medical Insurance Conference is always a ‘must attend’ event every year, and the 2016 conference did not disappoint.”
    - Brian Bursa, Partner – Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP

“The best valued conference in the Malpractice arena!”
    - Parker Harvey, CPCU – HPSI

“The annual Crittenden conference is a time to pause and learn more about the full scope of our profession.”
    - Jamie White, Attorney – Dell Graham, PA

“Really great networking opportunities – good speakers and overall great conference!”
    - Amanda Budak, Vice President, Clinical Operations  – OmniSure

“Extremely valuable conference for content, presentation and networking opportunities . The venue is not too shabby either!”
    - John Jopling, Managing Partner – Dell Graham, P.A.

“Excellent opportunity to learn about industry trends and updates.”
   - Lynn Tenerowicz, Chief Risk Officer – Baystate Health

“The conference offered an excellent balance of informative educational sessions and networking.”
   - John Leinicke, Attorney – ROIG Lawyers
“The entire conference program was well-organized and successful. There were many strong sessions with great speakers. I will definitely attend again!”
    - Debra L. George, Executive Underwriter – Hudson Insurance Group
“Most intellectual conference in the industry!”
    - Ngozi Nnaji, AVP, NE HC Zone Leader - CNA

“Good technical expertise among articulate attendees.”
    - Dan Durett, Vice President, Healthcare – Torus
“Excellent conference value, timely topics that include quality panel presentations and discussions.”
    - Cyndi Siders, CEO – Siders Healthcare Consulting

“My first Crittenden Conference in Miami was very informative and offered excellent opportunities to network, gain knowledge and enjoy myself.” 
   - Jeri Cascio, Vice President, Healthcare – Merrill Insurance Group
“This conference always provides timely and cutting edge information.” 
   - Ann Lambrecht, Clinical Risk Consultant – Coverys
“The conference is a great opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and peers in the industry at the same time we are being educated on new trends in the business from experts themselves.” 
   - Heather Marchegiani, Director of Business Development – MRM Group
“A great opportunity to see old friends and make new ones.” 
   - Rodney Adams, Shareholder – LeClairRyan
“The very best industry leaders share insight on current and future trends.” 
   - Parker Harvey, CPCU – HPSI
“I appreciate the sincere effort to ensure topics crossover and compliment one another. Even if I was in one session and missed another, networking demonstrated great collaborative conversations.” 
   - Lynda Benak, Senior Risk Management Consultant – Coverys
“Very impressed with speaker panels across all topics.” 
   - Kathy Masenga, Vice President – Hannover Re
“The San Diego Conference schedule allowed for great educational and networking opportunities – perfect balance.” 
   - Brad Norrick, Managing Director – Willis
“Content of all sessions was great.” 
   - Sharon Metcalfe, Vice President – Elliott Special Risks

“Excellent speakers, took some useful information back with me.”
   - Pat Pressley, Claims Manager – Caroinas HealthCare System
“Great venue and opportunity for free and open exchange of ideas.” 
   - Robert DeBlasio, Senior Vice President – Willis of CT
“This was my first Crittenden Conference. I learned more than I did at my last professional meeting for risk managers.” 
   - Linda Mittleman, Director of Risk Management – UAB Health System
“A perfect intersection of healthcare, insurance and law.” 
   - Sunia Ferrao, Product Manager – RLSoltuions
“Always timely and pertinent information discussed among industry leaders in medical professional liability.” 
   - David Wiltsey, Senior Underwriter – The Hanover Insurance Group
“If you are looking for a healthcare conference which offers current trends in the healthcare industry and an excellent opportunity to network with key healthcare personnel then the Crittenden Medical Insurance Conference is for you.” 
   - Edward H. Westermann, Sr., Senior Vice President – Amwins Brokerage
“Very good quality speakers and pertinent topics.” 
   - Donna McDermott, Senior Vice President – Aspen Re
“Helpful, as a new marketing rep. in every way.” 
   - Dan Houghton, Marketing Rep. – Coverys
“The Crittenden MI Conference is ideal continue education for professionals whose jobs are focused on physician and hospital liability.” 
   - Charles Wheelen, Executive Director – Kansas Health Care Stabilization Fund
“This was my first Crittenden Conference and this is the best healthcare conference I have ever attended. I will definitely attend future ones. The speakers were excellent.” 
   - Edward H. Westermann, Senior Vice President – Amwins Group
“Excellent speakers on the cutting edge of the industry.” 
   - Kenneth A. Beytin, Attorney/Shareholder – Beytin, McLaughlin, McLaughlin, Bolin & Wilkers, P.A.
“Well qualified speakers, solid interplay, timely topics.” 
   - Peter Feeney, Managing Partner – Chelsea Rhone
“The only forum offering advance knowledge topics and networking in the med mal industry.” 
   - Pamela Popp, Executive Vice President – Wester Litigation, Inc.
“Great, organized conference. It was all relevant to our industry and day-to-day functioning.” 
   - Toni Davis – MICA
“A rare opportunity to network with your producers, reinsurers and panel counsel.” 
   - Bob Allen, BSD - Torus


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