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2018 Session Details

Below, please find the detailed information for each of the educational sessions. Click on the hour in which you would like to find more information.

Hour 1 - Monday, April 9th - 9:00am to 10:00am
Opening Keynote Session #101 - State of the Medical Insurance Industry
  • High level discussion on MPL: 2017 trends and 2018 predictions
  • Staying profitable in a sector with 100+% combined ratio
  • To use a gambling phrase, "double down or pull chips off the table"
  • Growing conflicts: Broker-carrier and carrier-reinsurer
  • Are we staffed for a shift in the market?
Moderator: Robert Allen, President - Pro-Praxis Insurance
W. Stancil Starns, JD, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President - ProAssurance
Patrick Moylan, Managing Director, Medical - Markel Assurance
Richard Henderson, Vice President of Claims - TransRe
Hour 2 - Monday, April 9th - 10:45am to 11:45am
Session #201 - National Liability Trends Facing Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Vicarious liability and apparent agency issues for medical staff liability
  • The challenges of joint and several liability for co-defendant practitioners
  • Coverage issues related to agency employees or leased employees
  • Patient appropriateness for ASC services
Moderator: Benjamin W. Newman, Partner - Wilson Elser, LLP
Christine M. Maiello, Esq., Assistant Vice President, North American Claims Group
     - Allied World Insurance Company
Alison Miller, Legal and Insurance Service Manager - Surgery Partners, Inc.
Patrick J. Kearns, Partner - Wilson Elser, LLP

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Session #202 - Exit Strategy: Managing the Risks of Patients Who Leave Against Medical Advice
  • Identify risks of patients who leave against medical advice (AMA) or leave without being seen (LWBS)
  • Describe strategies to mitigate the risks of patients leaving AMA/LWBS
  • Review lessons learned from AMA/LWBS closed cases
  • Discuss how the "bottom line" is affected by AMA/LWBS incidents
Moderator: Scott D. Buchholz, Esq., Partner - Dummit, Buchholz & Trapp
Arlene Luu, BSN, RN, JD, CPHRM, Senior Patient Safety & Risk Consultant - MedPro Group
Dana Orquiza, RN, BSN, JD, Assistant Vice President of Risk Management - Stanford
     University Medical Network Risk Authority, LLC (The Risk Authority)

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Session #203 - Examining the Correlation between Financial Health and Clinical Risk
  • Will a stronger financial condition improve patient quality of a healthcare organization or vice versa?
  • Importance of financial viability of healthcare organizations as critical part of risk management, underwriting and ultimately patient outcomes and claims impact
  • Discussion on how changes in healthcare system are impacting corporate governance
Moderator: James Fasone, ARM RPLU, Senior Vice President / National Healthcare
     Practice Leader - Key Insurance & Benefits, Inc.
Beth Strapp, Senior Vice President - Berkley Healthcare Financial Lines
Irwin L. Hurn, President - Irwin Hurn, LLC 
Gordon R. Clark - Chair of Scripps Health and President/Chief Executive Officer - iProtean

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Hour 3 - Monday, April 9th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Session #301 - Brexit and the Future of Lloyd's: The Impact on Health Care Liability
  • For more than 40 years, health care institutions and individual physicians in the U.S. have depended upon Lloyd's of London insurance and reinsurance capacity. What will change under Brexit?
  • There is some uncertainty about how the pending separation of Great Britain from the European Union may affect the international underwriting community and Lloyd's in particular. What are leaders at Lloyd's saying about the prognosis?
  • Will the center of medical malpractice underwriting now shift more substantially to the U.S. or European marketplace as a result of Brexit?
  • What do health care leaders in the U.S. think about the future of their existing Lloyd's relationships?
Moderator: Michael Maglaras, Principal - Michael Maglaras & Company
Hayley Spink, Programme Director - Lloyd's of London
David Lee, Institutional Healthcare Class Underwriter - Chaucer
Daniel Lott, Head of Delegated Authority Operations - Integro

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Session #302 - One Hospital's Journey from Breach to Settlement and Beyond
  • Best practices in incident response in dealing with law enforcement, employees and other affiliated workforce members
  • Lessons learned from regulatory investigations and settlement negotiations
  • Managing short and long term risks associated with settlement and corrective action plan with regulators and plaintiffs' attorneys
Moderator: Kimarie R. Stratos, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief
     Privacy Officer - Memorial Healthcare System
Lynn Sessions, Partner - Baker & Hostetler LLP

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Session #303 - Who is Behind the White Coat: Insuring and Defending Physician Extenders
  • Expanded practice regulations for mid-level practitioners and the associated risks
  • Potential liabilities that mid level practitioners can face
  • Issues associated with defending mid level practitioners
Moderator: Kathleen Lyons, VP Property & Casualty Business Management - Swiss Re
Janice Fajardo, RN, Esq., Attorney Risk Management Specialist - Montefiore Health System
Laura B. Jordan, Partner - Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP

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Hour 4 - Monday, April 9th - 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Session #401 - Healthcare Professional Liability Issues & Trends - A Recap of 2017 and Projections for 2018 & Beyond
  • Where the industry has been, where it is now and where we think it may be going
  • 2017 year-end review of the Medical Professional and Hospital Liability segments including an analysis of industry profitability, market rate levels and loss trends 
  • State of the reinsurance market including an overview of year end 2017 renewals and a discussion on the outlook for 2018
  • Emerging technologies and how they impact the MPL arena                                     
Moderator: David Sullivan, Senior Managing Director - Aon Benfield
Robert B. Blasio, President & Chief Executive Officer - Western Litigation, Inc.
Megan Sullivan-McIntyre, Vice President of Underwriting - TransRe
Jeffery A. Bingham, MBA, CPCU, CIC, Director, National Sales - ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company

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Session #402 - Death by Charting: How EMRs, Sloppy Documentation and Staff with Strong Opinions Can Cause Problems in Defending Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Recognize risks of electronic medical record systems
  • Best practices for educating staff in documentation guidelines
  • Implement policies and guidelines to minimize risk of charting-related issues
Moderator: Edward Carbone, Esq., Healthcare Practice Group Leader - ROIG Lawyers
Jacqueline R.A. Root, Esq., Healthcare Attorney - ROIG Lawyers

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Session #403 - Meet us at the Intersection of Patient Safety and Cyber Risk
  • The legal perspective: how cyber liability events have implications for medical liability
  • The insurance and reinsurance perspectives: how losses are evolving and what that means for underwriting, coverage and rates. Are we at a new inflection point?
  • The risk management perspective: preparing for, responding to and redressing cyber risk in healthcare: cutting through the hype

Moderator: William J. McDonough, MPAH, ARM, FASHRM, Managing Principal, Executive Broker
     - Integro
Chad Brouillard, Attorney - Foster and Eldridge LLP
Libby Benet, Underwriting Manager - Beazley Group
Susan Boisvert, BSN, MHSA, CPHRM, FASHRM, Senior Risk Specialist - Coverys

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Hour 5 - Monday, April 9th - 3:45pm to 4:45pm
Session #501 - Nice Doctors Get Sued Less and What You Can Do About It
  • What does the research show about nice doctors getting sued less?
  • How can an insurance company know if a doctor is nice or rude? (examples)
  • How is claims litigation affected by whether a doctor is nice or rude? (examples)
  • Common myths about online physician ratings
Moderator: Brant Avondet, Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Searchlight Enterprises
Jeffrey Segal, MD, JD, Chief Executive Officer - Medical Justice/eMerit
Maury Magids, Chief Executive Officer - Capson

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 Session #502 - Opioid Professional Liability and Coverage
  • Review of Opioid Crisis as defined by the Federal Government
  • Review of the role of opioids in the US healthcare system
  • Med mal coverage and policy review
  • Risk mitigation guidance
Moderator: Alice Epstein, MSHHA, DFASHRM, FNAHQ, Director of Risk Control -
     CNA Insurance
Victoria Vance, Partner, Chair Health Care Practice Group - Tucker Ellis LLP
Eric J. Neiman, Managing Partner - Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP
Debra Goldberg, JD, MPH, RPLU, Chief Underwriting Officer - Sapphire Blue (RSG - Ryan
     Specialty Group)
Roneet Lev, MD, FACEP - Chief of the Emergency Department - Scripps Mercy Hospital
     and President and Founder, Independent Emergency Physicians Consortium and
     Chair and Founder - San Diego and Imperial County Prescription Drug Abuse
     Medical Task Force

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Session #503 - A Looming Storm, or Much Ado about Nothing? Analyzing Recent Trends in Professional Liability Claims Greater than $5 Million
  • Recent headlines suggest we are seeing an increase in the frequency of high severity claims, does the data bear this out? If so, what are the drivers?
  • Are there differences in venue, physician specialty/hospital type, demographic variables to consider?
  • What are the perspectives of various constituencies - i.e.: hospital risk managers, plaintiff/defense attorney, (re)insurance/excess underwriters, brokers, etc.?
Moderator: Chris Wojciechowski, Associate Director - Treaty Reinsurance
     - Aon Benfield
Richard Henderson, Vice President of Claims - TransRe
Virginia Jones, FCAS, MAAA, Senior Consultant & Actuary - Aon Risk Solutions
E. Dow Walker, Jr., Program Executive - ProAssurance          

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Hour 6 - Tuesday, April 10th - 9:00am to 10:00am
Session #601 - Increased Utilizations of Healthcare Captives - How Insurers & Brokers Can Thrive in the New Era
  • How healthcare entities are using their captives to reduce costs & increase revenues
  • Considerations healthcare entities need to weigh when putting new risks in captives
  • How brokers can remain relevant as their clients transition to captive structures
  • Ways in which commercial carriers can generate revenue from captive opportunities
Moderator: Bruce C. Whitmore, ACI, Senior Consultant, Global Captive & Health Care
     Practices - Willis Towers Watson
Brian York, CPCU, ARe, Vice President - Coverys
Richard Frese, FCAS, MAAA, Principal & Consulting Actuary - Milliman
Steve Bogart, Senior Vice President - Hylant Group

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Session #602 - Physician Claims and Liability Trends in 2018
  • Current physician practice trends impacting claims: e.g.: shift to outpatient care, hospital employment, stress, burnout
  • PIAA closed claim macro-trends: severity trends; trends by physician specialty
  • CRICO/CRICO Strategies, Comparative Benchmarking database: physician claims experience: root causes and chief factors driving claims; surgical versus non-surgical claim trends
  • The Doctor's Company claims experience: trends by specialty; root causes of physician claims
Moderator: Paul A. Greve, Jr., JD, RPLU, Executive Vice President/Senior Consultant
     - Greve Medical Risk Management
Darrell Ranum, JD, CPHRM, Vice President, Department of Patient Safety and Risk
     Management, NE Region - The Doctors Company
John Swift, MBA, Director Systems and Software - CRICO Strategies

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Session #603 - Best Practices and Strategies for Improving End-of-Life Care
  • The current state of end-of-life care in America and key recommendations to ensure individual preferences for care are honored near the end of life
  • Review lessons learned from New York's MOLST program, a founding member of National POLST Paradigm
  • How eMOLST improves quality and patient safety, ensures accessibility and achieves the quadruple aim
Moderator: Patricia A. Bomba, MD, MACP, Vice President & Medical Director, Geriatrics
     - Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
Marianne J. Walker, RN, JD, CPHRM, Associate General Counsel, Vice President,
     Enterprise Risk Management, GHCHS - Greater Hudson Valley Health System
Jonathan D. Rubin, Esq., Senior Partner - Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan LLP

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Hour 7 - Tuesday, April 10th - 10:15am to 11:15am
Session #701 - CyberWorld: Data Breaches, Invasion of Privacy and Social Media in Healthcare - Are You Prepared?
  • Data breaches - prevent those that you can, prepare for those that you can't
  • Invasion of privacy - unauthorized access to records in healthcare / legal settings
  • Social media - posting of PHI or other protected data
  • When these issues arise - are you covered?

Moderator: Peter Cridland, Esq., Assistant Vice President - TransRe
Douglas R. Shaw, Esq., Associate General Counsel - HealtHQuest
Jodi Terranova, Esq., Attorney - Wilson Elser, LLP
Ian Duffy, Director of Federal Services - Polito, Inc.

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Session #702 - How to Decide When You Try or Settle Your Case: Anchoring Value and Defending Damages
  • The paradigm shift: Defending damages
  • Anchoring for the defense
  • Strategies for resolution of complex cases
  • Trying more cases: The 5 myths of trials

Moderator: John E. Hall, Jr., Esq., Founding Partner - Hall Booth Smith, PC
Richard A. Farlow, Assistant Vice President - BerkleyMed
Valoree Celona, Senior Vice President - Ironshore Insurance Services LLC
Cory S. Meyers, RN, MN, CPHRM, CHPC, Vice President - Baptist Health

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Session #703 - Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance Programs and Consumers Buyer's Guide
  • A historical perspective and evolution of Active Shooter / Workplace Violence events; gain practical insight while analyzing most recent attacks and threat methodology
  • Familiarization with Active Shooter Workplace Violence exposures, such as Liability, Business Interruption and associated Extra Expenses, along with the availability of risk transfer and evolution / comparison of current day insurance coverage offerings
  • Introduction to risk avoidance, threat management, mitigation techniques, potential gaps in current operational risk management and post event recovery plans
  • Working knowledge of risk management, risk transfer and insurance programs; evaluation of current organizational readiness

Moderator: Paul Marshall, Managing Director - Active Shooter/Workplace
     Violence Insurance - McGowan Program Administrators
Denise Balan, Senior Vice President, Head of U.S. Kidnap & Ransom | Workplace
     Violence - XL Insurance America, Inc.
Caroline J. Berdzik, Esq., Partner - Goldberg Segalla
Richard J. Henry, President - Pendulum, LLC

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Hour 8 - Tuesday, April 10th - 11:30am to 12:30pm
Session #801 - MPL Financial Update: Change is Coming: How Do We Prepare and Position?
  • What are the key financial and/or operation indicators we should be watching?
  • What are strategies to best deploy capital in this market?
  • How do reinsurers deliver meaningful products in this changing market?
  • What does the MPL Insurance/Reinsurance market look like in five years?
Moderator: Dan Koshiol, Executive Vice President, Head of MPL - JLT Re
John H. Mize, FCAS, MAAA, President & Chief Executive Officer - State Volunteer
     Mutual Insurance Company
Paul McKeon, Executive Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer - TransRe
Brian Tucker, Senior Vice President - Aspen Insurance

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Session #802 - The Growing Practice of Naturopathic Medicine - Underwriting and Risk Management Considerations
  • Understanding the issues regarding ND licensing and telemedicine
  • Understanding typical naturopathic therapies and implications from a regulatory and FDA standpoint
  • Considerations from an underwriting perspective
  • Unique risk management challenges for this specialty

Moderator: Amanda Budak, RN, CBN, PhD, Vice President of Clinical Operations
     - OmniSure Consulting Group
Dr. Leslie Black - Livv Natural Health
Mandy Murphy, Senior Underwriter, Professional Liability - Admiral Insurance Group
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